The UK has been ranked one of the top ten places in the world for businesses to connect to global trade.

The Connecting to Compete: Logistics Performance Index ranks countries on the strength of the network of services that support the physical movement of goods, trade across borders, and commerce within borders, to identify the best places in the world to trade.

Shell LiveWIRE affiliated countries the Netherlands and Singapore also featured in the top ten; the Netherlands in second place, and Singapore in fifth. The UK is ranked in sixth place.

The 2018 Index, which is produced by the World Bank, found the gap between the lowest performing countries and the highest performing has reduced, indicating positive global development.

In addition, the data demonstrated sustainable supply chain management is linked to stronger logistics performance. Environmental sustainability was particularly valued by global traders, with 28% of countries in the top fifth of the charts requesting more environmentally friendly options.

The full report can be read on the World Bank website.