Joanna Cochrane
Joanna Cochrane, VP Shell Social Performance

Innovation is a recognised tool to increase the sustainability, and success of any business, which can act as a way of making changes in your business via the introduction of new products (or improvements to existing ones), services, business model or processes. The changes you make will have a significantly positive impact, they should also be measurable in some way (e.g. an increase in jobs, turnover or customers; savings in time, cost or resource). Real innovation will lead to sustainability, and growth.

In 2018, together with Shell Retail we launched a refocused Top Ten Innovators Awards (TTI), which seeks to uncover outstanding Shell LiveWIRE alumni who can work together with Shell Retail to enhance sustainability within its supply chain.

The Awards are open to global alumni of Shell LiveWIRE programmes, and the affiliated programmes: New Energy Challenge in the Netherlands, and Shell #IdeaRefinery in Singapore

It’s also particularly pleasing to note that last year’s global TTI winner, Aceleron, is now partnering with Shell Foundation to provide affordable energy storage solutions in East Africa.

I am looking forward to seeing brightest solutions in this year’s three categories: Energy Solutions, Retail Supply Chain and Social Enterprises!

Good luck applicants!
Joanna Cochrane, VP Shell Social Performance


Thank you to the 11,230 voters from over 100 countries who cast their vote. We are very proud to have received such a huge engagement.

The winners of this year’s Shell LiveWIRE Top Ten innovator Awards will be announced in the coming months.