Shell LiveWIRE’s mission is to stimulate the local economy through entrepreneurship, innovation, and meaningful employment. Every year we support thousands of individuals to access the knowledge, skills, networks and resources to turn their ideas into successful businesses.

The first LiveWIRE programme began in 1982 in response to Scotland’s 18% youth unemployment rate. Over the last 37 years, LiveWIRE has continued to expand to other areas facing similar challenges, providing training opportunities and supporting youth startups. In 2018 alone, LiveWIRE trained 2,686 youth entrepreneurs, supported 1,384 businesses, and created 1,374 local jobs. In addition, 43 businesses have entered Shell’s supply chain.


Malaysian Entrepreneur Sources Locally for Her Natural Skincare Business

Mar 03, 2022

Sulie Abell’s natural skincare business seeks to support Borneo farmers by sourcing local ingredients.

LiveWIRE Oman Equips Entrepreneurs to Support Energy Transition with Solar PV Training

Mar 03, 2022

LiveWIRE launches Oman’s first programme that trains entrepreneurs in solar PV installation.

LiveWIRE Italy Entrepreneurs Innovate in Their Hometowns

Nov 11, 2021

Meet two entrepreneurs that have developed innovative businesses in their hometowns thanks to LiveWIRE support.