Shell LiveWIRE was launched in Scotland in 1982 to address youth unemployment. Today it operates in 20 countries strengthening local economies through entrepreneurship, innovation, and meaningful employment. Every year LiveWIRE supports thousands of individuals to access the knowledge, skills, networks, and resources to start and/or grow their businesses. In 2022, Shell LiveWIRE trained about 2,685 people around the world and helped create more than 2,170 jobs. The programme supported 892 existing businesses and some 145 new businesses, with 123 Shell LiveWIRE-supported businesses entering our supply chain in 2022.


Livewire China entrepreneur returns to his native village and creates local jobs

Sep 12, 2022

Sun JinLong's glass noodle business is creating local jobs in his native village.

Two Entrepreneurs Promoting Visibility and Inclusivity in Brazil

Sep 12, 2022

Meet two entrepreneurs from Brazil with businesses that support the local LGBTQIA+ community.

Malaysian Entrepreneur Sources Locally for Her Natural Skincare Business

Mar 03, 2022

Sulie Abell’s natural skincare business seeks to support Borneo farmers by sourcing local ingredients.