Shell Tameer, the LiveWIRE programme in Pakistan, has held a special business plan competition to encourage and reward young innovators to develop a cleaner and greener energy future for Pakistan.

The two-day Tameer DICE Shark event, in partnership with NED University of Engineering & Technology and DICE Foundation, enabled 35 young innovators from eight renowned universities across Pakistan to pitch their solutions to the country’s energy and water challenges to a panel of industry experts.

The top five business ideas received a share of seed capital totalling PKR 250k (US $1,870) and will be further developed, with support from Shell Tameer to help them transform into commercially viable enterprises.

Prior to the final competition, Shell Tameer held a day-long workshop to help the candidates to develop their business pitching skills, in readiness to present their innovations to the judges.

The overall winner, receiving PKR 100k (US $750), is Water Conserver from NED University. It’s estimated that around ten trillion gallons of water is wasted every year in Pakistan, with around 45% of this due to domestic overflows. Water Conserver aims to save water by stopping water wastage from domestic water tanks. The device uses a 9v control signal to provide a low-cost, safe, easily installed solution.

Commenting on the award, Co-Founder of Water Conserver, Hamza Tariq said, “Pakistan’s water crisis is reaching an alarming level and water conservation at a domestic level is crucial in tackling the problem. We are grateful to Shell Tameer for funding projects that can help to address Pakistan’s water and energy challenges.”

The other winners included: the improved design of the Pelton wheel water turbine to harvest more energy from flowing water; using piezoelectric materials to convert the kinetic energy from people into power; improving the fuel consumption of gas furnaces by controlling the air to fuel ratio; and using solar desalination to provide clean drinking water to households.

Praising the quality of the innovations on show, Habib Haider, External Relations Manager, Shell Pakistan, said, “It is inspiring to see so many young engineers here today, enthusiastic to help Pakistan work towards solving energy and water issues that challenge our country.

“The Tameer DICE Shark competition is a wonderful platform bringing together bright engineering minds, professionals from academia and Shell Tameer to work together to build innovative solutions into real sustainable businesses.”

Saaima Enver, Shell Tameer Programme Manager, said, “Energy innovation has been a key focus of Shell Tameer and through events like Tameer DICE Shark we hope to build a sustainable platform for energy education and innovation.

“I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations to all the students who participated from across Pakistan and wish them every success ahead.”

The Tameer DICE Shark judges were: Dr Mohammad Kamran Mumtaz, Chairperson Management IBA; Dr Najam Anjum, Assistant Professor, IBA; Mukesh Kumar, Provincial Chief, SMEDA Sindh; Sarosh Haider, Founder and CTO; Muhammad Ali Sheikh, Retail HSSE Manager East, Shell Pakistan Limited; and, Daniyal Naiyer, Network Planner, Shell Pakistan Limited.