Controlock enables the lifting capacity of a magnet to be measured in advance for the first time. Consequently, fully safe magnetic steel connections can be created. Calculating the lifting capacity in advance is a prerequisite for safe anchoring using magnets as well as a precondition for certification. Magnetic anchoring can replace temporary welds created for purposes such as stabilising scaffolding, securing marine cargo, anchoring temporary lifting hooks, and fall protection harnesses. The Controlock technology works using permanent magnets, is extremely safe, delivers impressive cost savings, and does not use a power supply, rendering it fault-free and explosion-proof.

The LiveWIRE Rising Star award, run in partnership between Shell and the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK), provides a platform to showcase innovative entrepreneurs of any age whose businesses have been in existence for no more than five years. Each quarter, a new Rising Star is selected by a panel of expert judges on the strength of the innovation in delivering added value over existing products and services. The judges also consider the viability of the business model and the entrepreneurial strengths of the applicant. Shortlisted finalists submit an online video to enable the entrepreneur to pitch their innovation to win votes from visitors to the Shell LiveWIRE Netherlands website. The judging panel contributes 60% to the total score each entrepreneur receives, while the public vote yields 40%.

Commenting on what the award means for his business, Edwin van der Heide said, "Winning the Shell LiveWIRE Rising Star award is fantastic endorsement for McNetiq from a world player in the energy market that has differentiated itself by growth and innovation. This will make it easier for us to gain acceptance in our markets.”

Celina Wang, Programme Manager for Shell LiveWIRE Netherlands said, "I am excited to annouce that after winning the Shell LiveWIRE Rising Star award, McNetiq has been selected by the department for Operational Excellence of Shell. This means that their technology will be audited and will hopefully be placed on the international vendor list of Shell. This would truly be the win-win for Shell and the entrepreneur!

The four other finalists were:

Harm Lotterman



Each year around 1,400 serious verge accidents occur in the Netherlands, with 200 fatalities. Restoring road safety by tackling hazardous road verges is therefore crucial. In order to do so without considerable expense, ByTheWay helps road maintenance authorities to repair hazardous verges and restore road safety using the KLEISER®bh, the KLEISER®vr and their exclusive partnership model. The machines were developed to repair verges and permanently remove wood growth that impedes visibility.

Sam van Tol



Correctbook is a notebook containing fifty 'whiteboard' pages upon which customers can write over and over again. As such, the notebook offers a new, professional writing experience, is ideal as a promotional gift and a new tool to encourage users to develop creative writing skills. There is potentially a huge market for the product ranging from promotional gift and stationery to educational tool and as a desirable gadget. It provides a potential solution to the problem of illiteracy in developing countries - NGOs and governments often have the money required to build a school, but they do not have the money to repeatedly invest in school materials. Correctbook also helps to reduce paper waste.

Dirk Huibers



Octo has developed unique, smart software by means of which fitters, property owners and individual consumers can now supply energy collectively and conscientiously. Octo provides technical and administrative intelligence for the purpose of supplying and exchanging sustainable energy. Octo manages the complete administration of the exchange of energy and provides the knowledge required to ensure smart management of equipment. The implementation and exchange of energy by decentralised, 'disconnected' smart grids which supply energy is set to be a paradigm shift in the market. Centralised generation of energy is no longer necessary, and the software can be used to modernise the energy market completely.

Joost de Waard



The VILLAGEPUMP 500 is a water purification device that guarantees clean drinking water for everyone. The VILLAGEPUMP 500 purifies a maximum of 500 litres of water per hour, without the use of chemicals, and is fully manually operated. The system filters all pathogens out of the water, including bacteria and viruses that cause diseases such as diarrhoea, dysentery, cholera and hepatitis. A certified ultrafiltration membrane is used (proven technology, hailing from Dutch firm X-Flow, nowadays called Pentair). In order to prevent this membrane getting clogged up, a small quantity of clean water is continually stored in a pressure vessel during pumping. As soon as a certain volume of water – and hence a certain level of pressure – is reached, the water cycle is reversed and the membrane is rinsed clean with considerable force. A patent has been granted for this automatic back-wash system in a large number of countries throughout the world. The VILLAGEPUMP is suitable for water obtained from rivers, lakes, storage tanks, wells and basins. The VILLAGEPUMP works with surface water, making the device cheaper than other systems, and it is currently in use in several Asian and South American countries.