Shell Indonesia has commissioned Shell LiveWIRE supported business Greenna to provide waste management solutions centred on two villages in Bekasi, near to the company’s Marunda Lubricants Oil Blending Plant, as part of its fenceline community development programme.

As a registered vendor of Shell Indonesia, Greenna provides integrated waste management solutions and education services that empower the local community to reduce, reuse and recycle waste. The aim is to create a cleaner, healthier, more environmentally friendly neighbourhood, through an approach that delivers meaningful employment opportunities.

Greenna, in partnership with Shell, is helping to tackle the acute waste disposal problem facing many communities in Indonesia that do not have access to public waste collection services. This has led to residents burying their waste or burning it, which leads to contaminated waterways and air pollution.

The solution devised by Greenna, is multifaceted, with community involvement and empowerment at the heart of its approach. Awareness of the importance of responsible waste management is essential in changing behaviour, and Greenna delivers education programmes within schools, businesses and community groups. Greenna also provides a ‘waste bank’ where people can deposit their garbage, and the company sorts the waste into organic and non-organic sections. Some of the waste is transformed into seed plastic for plastic recycling, and the company works with local housewives to produce a wide range of recycled products including wallets, bags and pencil cases. Organic waste is composted to produce fertile soils for urban farming of medicinal plants and vegetables.

Prior to being appointed as a registered Shell vendor, Greenna worked for the Shell contractor responsible for the fenceline community development programme. When the contract came up for renewal, Greenna had already demonstrated its capacity and capability to deliver innovative waste management solutions for the community. Shell LiveWIRE enabled the company to build awareness among key stakeholders, and Greenna’s innovative and competitive bid secured the contract.

Greenna has grown to employ 23 staff, and has processed over 130 tons of plastic waste. It has also increased the monthly income of female workers from US $4 to US $154, which has enabled around 30 children to continue their secondary education.

Acknowledging the impact of becoming a registered Shell vendor on her business, Nina Nuraniyah, Founder of Greenna, said, “Being appointed as a Shell Indonesia registered vendor is a great boost for my business. It’s enabled us to scale up our operations, and this has led to the creation of several new jobs to facilitate the business’ development.

“Greenna is now a well-respected social enterprise, and its status as a Shell registered vendor has contributed significantly to this.”

Anita Setyorini, Programme Manager, Shell LiveWIRE Indonesia, is full of praise for Greenna’s business model, saying, “I’m delighted that Greenna has become a registered Shell vendor, providing integrated waste management solutions that benefit the community, the environment and Shell.

“With the support of Shell LiveWIRE, Greenna has developed a proven business model, and is an excellent example of how a circular economy approach delivers shared value.”

Sri Endah, Downstream External Relations and Country Social Performance Manager, Shell Indonesia said, “Greenna has shown capability as a fast learner, quickly understanding the social challenges in the targeted areas.

“In Indonesia the focus of Shell Retail Social Cause is a waste issue. Greenna’s business is obviously relevant to this.”