The UK receives the greatest amount of early-stage funding in Europe, a new report has revealed, boasting 24.6% of European early-stage investment. UK leadership is closely followed by France, which achieves 24.0% of the funding, reached through more and on average smaller deals. Europe’s largest economy, Germany, attracted 12% of European early-stage funding in the same period.

Seed the Future: A Deep Dive into European Early-Stage Tech Startup Activity, produced by, also revealed that early-stage investment in Europe has grown significantly; in Q1 2015 worth €400m and leaping to over €200bn in Q2 2018. Deals across this period also increased, from 375 in Q1 2015 to 630 in Q2 2018.

Fintech and Medtech account for the significantly greatest share of early-stage investment, other areas successful in drawing high levels of investment include Analytics, Developer tools, Gaming, Marketing, Mobility, SaaS, Traveltech.

Developments in early-stage funding landscape are connected to greater offerings being made by VCs and investors in Europe, resulting in more and more productive deals.

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