Iffah Billah, Director of RAB Global Green, who used her LGT grant to visit China and Taiwan in 2015 in order to develop opportunities for Brunei’s first privately owned green factory, secured a US $200k investment from a Taiwanese company, along with US $250k worth of trade from new buyers, and US $50k in revenue from new agents for regional distribution deals in China and Taiwan.

RAB Global Green specialises in the manufacture of green products, ranging from solar panels to environmentally friendly fire extinguishers – some the size of a hairspray can – that can tackle any type of fire from a kitchen stove fire to petrochemical blazes.

Iffah chose China (Xiamen) and Taiwan as her LGT visit destinations because she wanted to gain a better understanding of how she could incorporate a fully integrated production line into the first ‘green’ pilot factory currently under construction in Brunei.

Throughout the trip Iffah took every opportunity to experience and learn every aspect of the production, manufacturing process, R&D, advertising and marketing of her business, from bio-degradable and environmentally-friendly fire extinguishers to a self-sustaining Aquaponics eco-system and energy-efficient solar PV modules.

Commenting on the impact of her LGT visit on her business, Iffah said, “As a result of my LGT visit I have signed strategic partnerships and am negotiating with several public listed companies in China, Taiwan, France and Africa.

“We have also attracted the interest of potential investors who have visited us to see how we can succeed together internationally.

“I have met potential collaborators in other parts of China, and also from the US and Middle East.”