Johari Bin Brahim’s business, Teamone Environmental Technologies, which supplies vacuum tanker, forklift and manpower services to Shell Brunei, has created employment opportunities for 350 local workers.

Johari approached Shell LiveWIRE Brunei in 2006 in order to develop his skills and knowledge to start his own construction company.

He participated in Shell LiveWIRE’s Bright Ideas business ideas generation workshop and their Become a Successful Owner Manager enterprise development programme, which enables budding young entrepreneurs to develop the essential skills, knowledge and networks to plan, start-up and manage a sustainable business.

Johari, then aged 18, started his business, Jocon Contractor, in 2007, working on various public and private sector contracts, from civil and building construction and maintenance contracts to specialist work on waterproofing and structural repair, electrical work and manpower supplies.

Inspired by the success of Jocon Contractor, Johari and his partners planned to start a business that dealt specifically with the ‘green’ environment, and started Teamone Environmental Technologies in 2014.

Johari then embarked on the Shell LiveWIRE Brunei Energy Programme, a collaboration between LiveWIRE Brunei and the Supply Chain Management of Shell Brunei Petroleum, which provides participants with a detailed understanding of conducting business in the oil and gas sector supply chain.

Following Johari’s involvement in the Shell LiveWIRE Brunei Energy Programme, and in a major development for the business, Teamone was awarded a contract in 2015 with Shell Brunei to supply vacuum tanker, forklift and manpower services. The contract, which is worth around BND 35m (US $24m), provides employment for some 350 local workers.

Commenting on the support that the Shell LiveWIRE Brunei Energy Programme provided Teamone Environmental Technologies with, Rosita Hassan, Supply Chain Leader, Shell Brunei, said, “Shell LiveWIRE provided guidance on how Teamone could establish quality services at competitive market rates. The LiveWIRE Brunei Energy Programme delivers this through its 12 module programme covering, HSE, Financial and Quality Management, and how to participate in Shell tenders.”

Highlighting the development of Teamone as a result of the LiveWIRE Brunei programme, Rosita Hassan added, “Teamone has developed rapidly from a small SME to an established business employing more than 300 people. We have seen significant growth of the company led by young entrepreneurs, committed to the recruitment and training of many young Bruneian workers.”

Robert Van Velden, Brunei Shell Finance Director said, “Teamone has established as a strong provider for vacuum tanker services. It was able to deliver quality performance and has operated safely since the contract commenced.”