Esther Wang, Founder of innovative healthcare start-up Joytingle, was named on the list of thirty inspiring young entrepreneurs from Asia on their latest list, published in March.

Esther, an alumna of the Shell LiveWIRE Singapore programme, scooped the top prize of US $15,000 in the 2015 Top Ten Innovators Awards for her interactive toy which is used to reduce the anxiety and trauma often experienced by children undergoing treatments for serious medical conditions.

Esther created pacification toy, ‘Rabbit Ray’, which is used to calm young patients undergoing vaccinations or intravenous chemotherapy procedures. The visual nature of the toy enables it to transcend language barriers, literacy levels and race. Since the business started in 2012, the product has been used with over 10,400 children in several hospitals around the world.

Speaking to Forbes, Esther commented, "I'm constantly asking myself, what is the next area in which you can touch a billion lives and make healthcare more efficient?’

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