Michael Korn, founder of UK company KwickScreen, used his 2015 TTI Runner Up Award, to visit the US and Canada to develop new business opportunities for his innovative portable room dividers. As a result of his visit, the company has appointed a new distributor in Canada which has generated an increase in turnover of US $50k and generated two new jobs. At the same time, the company has also signed up five new distributors throughout Europe.

The visit enabled Michael to attend a large healthcare conference, to introduce his products to potential customers, and to undertake further R&D to enhance his products and to improve the company’s sales and marketing strategies. As a result, the company, which employs 20 staff, has identified opportunities for significant growth over the next 12 months as it targets the North American market.

Michael sums up the impact of his TTI award as, “Transformative in allowing us to broaden our horizons overseas.”

Driven to succeed

Another entrepreneur, Shakaib Khan, Founder of Pakistan-based vehicle repair company, SK Motor Syndicate invested his TTI award in the technology to give his business a competitive edge.

Shakaib won a Merit Award in the 2015 Shell LiveWIRE International Top Ten Innovators programme and used this to purchase the latest automotive onboard diagnostics equipment. The use of such equipment is still very rare in Pakistan’s auto repair sector, and SK Motor Syndicate has gained a significant advantage in the market. As a result, the company has been able to create two new jobs to provide leading-edge diagnostic services to a growing number of new clients.

The remaining prize money was used to purchase car engines, gearboxes and electronic control units from the Middle East. This has enabled the company, which provides employment for some 24 skilled workers, to offer a wider range of quality parts to new lucrative customers, resulting in increased turnover and enhanced profits.

Commenting on the impact of his TTI award, Shakaib Khan said, “Winning a Top Ten Innovators award really helped to accelerate my business. Milestones that were previously forecast to take three years were achieved within a year of the award.

“Accolades such as Top Ten Innovators are a fantastic vote of confidence in the innovative and growth potential of young enterprises, and they also help to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs. It’s a long-term positive impact for economies globally. Thank you Shell LiveWIRE!”

Success on tap

Domenico Pizzichillo Founder of Caffé Letterario Artemisia, a cultural space and café in the Basilicata region of Italy, used his 2015 TTI Merit Award to strengthen his business. Domenico invested his award into making technical improvements to improve the business, including installing a water purification system.

Being able to provide high quality filtered tap water to drink on its own, or involving it in the preparation of food or other drinks has been immensely popular with customers. In addition to underlining the company’s sustainability credentials, and satisfying growing demand for healthy locally sourced produce, the company has achieved considerable savings on the purchase of bottled water.

Commenting on the impact of his TTI prize on the development of his business, Domenico said, “Without our Shell LiveWIRE award, we would not have been able to purchase the water purification system which ensures our sustainability-driven approach, and delivers significant cost savings in not having to purchase bottled water.

“Serving non-bottled pure water is a significant advantage for us and has enhanced our brand reputation and contributed to our growing customer base, especially young families with children.

“The fact that we can serve juices, smoothies and other drinks made with zero-kilometre water has given us a significant business advantage."