After winning the Award, Aceleron partnered with Shell Foundation, which is supporting the company to pilot its battery assembly technology that repurposes batteries from equipment in developed markets, including laptops and electric vehicles that would otherwise be discarded. The batteries will be used in the off-grid sector as storage or power sources.

Aceleron provides an innovative solution to the problem of waste batteries. Harnessing the untapped health of recycled lithium batteries, which is typically over 70%, they extend the use-phase for consumers. Once the original stored energy is used up, Aceleron repurposes the battery as storage for renewable energy which can be endlessly replaced - eliminating waste and the need for further resources to be invested in new products.  

Chair of the judges, Mark Gainsborough said, “Carlton is a great role model who places innovation at the heart of his business, using it as a tool to support his mission for sustainable, affordable energy storage for all. Top Ten Innovators highlights and recognizes innovative entrepreneurs. We believe innovators deserve a world stage.”