Shell LiveWIRE Brazil has launched its new Energy Initiative to accelerate the development of start-ups providing solutions within the renewable energy and smart cities sectors.

Ten businesses have been selected to take part in the five-month accelerator, and five of those have already received seed funding of R$ 5,000 (US $1,210) at the start of the programme to invest in their innovations. A further R$ 15,000 (US $3,630) will be awarded at the end of the programme to the business that has made the best improvement.

The 10 start-ups cover a range of innovations, from photovoltaic monitoring services and solar powered urban garden irrigation systems, to the use of Big Data to create preventative maintenance services for offshore structures and smart glasses to increase the productivity of industrial operations.

Each start-up will receive 36 hours of customised business training, including modules on: Validating Design Thinking; Legislation; Financial Planning; Marketing; Sales; Operational Management; Process Automation; and, Agile Development. They will also benefit from access to market specialists, coaching, and the opportunity to pitch to potential investors. At the end of the programme, the Shell Iniciativa Jovem sustainable business seal will be awarded to those start-ups which demonstrate that they are economically, environmentally and socially sustainable.

One of the entrepreneurs to receive the initial funding, Lucas da Silva, of hydro power start-up Hubz O&G’s, is excited by his inclusion in the Energy Initiative and the unrivalled opportunity to accelerate his business, saying, “Participating in one of the best acceleration programmes in the country will give us the tools and know-how to grow sustainably.

“Hubz hopes to build long lasting, fruitful relationships with the other programme participants and with Shell, in order to create an ecosystem focused on innovation.”

Gustavo Amorim of Fotovoltaica Soluções, providers of low-cost solar power, added, “The Shell Iniciativa Jovem Energy Initiative will provide the in-depth knowledge required to strengthen our market position.”

Welcoming the new Shell Iniciativa Jovem Energy Initiative, Leise Duarte, Social Performance Adviser, Shell Brazil, and Shell Iniciativa Jovem Programme Manager, said, “Shell Iniciativa Jovem’s Energy Initiative will accelerate innovative solutions with the potential to deliver positive impacts within the renewable energy and smart cities markets, that align with Shell’s vision for the future.

“We are looking for entrepreneurs who develop smart solutions that can contribute to the energy future, with the potential for integration into Shell’s value chain.”

The announcement of the 10 start-ups was used as an opportunity to celebrate Shell Brazil’s 40 years of deep-water operations, and to launch Shell’s Sky Scenario in Brazil.

The 10 start-ups taking part in the Shell Iniciativa Jovem Energy Initiative are:

Jean Diniz, Solarview, provides a monitoring and service package for photovoltaic companies.

Lucas da Silva, Hubz O&G uses hydro kinetic energy from rivers and oceans without the need to flood surrounding areas.

Rosana Corréa, Enguia provides a web platform to deliver energy efficiency to customers.

Felipe Santos, Floresta do Paraná converts waste wood into biomass power.

Pablo D’Ornellas, Solfortes Engenhana sustentável provides affordable photovoltaic systems.

Ricardo Lima, Nanomonitoring uses Business Intelligence (BI) and Big Data to create an intelligent and preventive maintenance service for offshore structures.

Antonio Martins, Cinetics Energy uses kinetic energy and air attrition to reduce the fuel needed to power airships.

Gustavo Amorim, Fotovoltaica Soluções provides domestic and SME customers with low-cost photovoltaic energy and consultancy services.

Enylton Machado Coelho, Eyllo provides smart glasses that increase productivity and reduce errors during industrial operations.

José Elias Duarte, Plantando Ideias uses photovoltaic energy to power urban garden irrigation systems.