Clean energy innovator Capture Mobility, which turns traffic turbulence into renewable energy, has developed important new business opportunities in China thanks to Shell LiveWIRE’s ‘Let’s Go Trade’ international trade development programme.

Let’s Go Trade (LGT) provides funding to enable young entrepreneurs, trading for between 18 months and five years, to undertake an international visit to investigate new markets and ways to innovate in their business, in order to become more sustainable, increase their turnover and the number of jobs they create.

Originally from Pakistan and supported by Shell Tameer, but now based in Scotland, Capture Mobility uses specially designed windmills by the side of roads to generate electricity from air turbulence.

They used their LGT grant to visit China, in May, in order to explore the market for clean energy there and to find suitable partners to work with on manufacturing, project development, and investment opportunities, in order to expand the business. The company visited power companies in three different industrial and business hubs in Beijing, Jiangsu and Guangzhou in order to assess the quality and capacity of different manufacturers to supply customised generators.

In addition to business discussions on the generation of green electricity from air turbulence, the company also held fruitful discussions on the role their product can play in reducing air pollutants with the China Clean Air Alliance. Speaking about the potential impact that his product can have in mitigating air pollution,

Sanwal Muneer of Capture Mobility said, “Our turbine can capture carbon particles (PM10 and PM 2.5) with integrated filtering sheets inside the fins of the turbine. These hazardous particles contribute directly to cancer and asthma for thousands of people each year.”

Following a series of extremely useful meetings with several companies, Capture Mobility secured valuable deals which will strengthen the company and provide opportunities for growth.

Deals struck with Chinese turbine manufacturers will enable Capture Mobility to significantly reduce their production costs and improve the efficiency of their generators, which will give the company a competitive edge when scaling up production. The partnerships will also enable the company to brand their turbines, which will deliver beneficial marketing opportunities moving forward.

The company signed an agreement with a Beijing based French tech solutions company for a partnership project in China which will lead to the company’s turbines being used to generate clean energy and reduce air pollution in Beijing. They will also participate in a joint venture between the Chinese and Scottish Governments on clean energy technologies in Shenzhen.

Commenting on the impact of their LGT visit, Hassan Waqar of Capture Mobility said, “The visit was a great help for us to find the reliable manufacturers, suitable partners and investment companies required to enter the Chinese market. We appreciate the support of Shell in empowering us to be where we are now.

“The LGT visit enabled us to develop a more efficient product which meets the requirements of the European market. It also gave us an invaluable insight into the Chinese market and has given us the opportunity to work on exciting clean energy projects in collaboration with the Chinese and Scottish Governments.”

Following Capture Mobility’s work with Transport Scotland to trial the wind turbines on the A90 highway in Dundee, the company plans to introduce its new, more efficient generators, and expanding the number of turbines to cover locations throughout Scotland.

Outlining the value of the LGT programme in enabling young entrepreneurs to develop their businesses internationally, Hassan said, “Let’s Go Trade provides a tremendous opportunity for young businesses to explore other markets and create new partnerships. It gives you the wings to scale up and learn more about your market in different regions.

We really appreciate the support of Shell for giving us the opportunity to step forward and show our work to the world.”

Muhammad Saifullah, Project Coordinator of Shell Tameer, said, “Capture Mobility is an inspiring example of Shell Tameer’s commitment to provide global opportunities to its young entrepreneurs. Their Let’s Go Trade visit to China is a game changing opportunity to strengthen their global presence and deliver improved product quality in compliance with international standards.”