The agreement between Shell Intilaaqah and KSSC, which will enable 120 Saudi women to acquire the essential knowledge and skills to successfully start-up and develop their own businesses, was signed by Andrew Crowe, Country Chairman of Shell in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, and Prince Saud Bin Abdullah Bin Thunayan Al-Saud.

The MoU signing was also attended by KSSC’s Chairman, Sheikh Ali Abdullah Al-Nuaim, and Manager of KSSC’s Female Division, Princess Al Jawhara bint Saud Al Thunayan Al-Saud.

Under the agreement, Shell Intilaaqah will provide 120 women, aged between 18 to 45 and based in Riyadh, with an intensive programme of enterprise development training, mentoring, coaching and business networking. The Shell Intilaaqah KSA programme will deliver a range of customised enterprise support including topics such as: developing a business idea; researching the market; business planning; business accounts; raising finance; marketing and promotion; and, human resource management. Candidates who successfully complete the programme will have a viable business model and the essential knowledge and skills to develop their business.

One of the 22 female entrepreneurs to have already benefited from first Shell Intilaaqah KSA workshop held under the agreement is Fawzia Al Rusais, whose business produces heritage Arabic coffee. Fawzia is grateful for the support she has received from Shell Intilaaqah so far, saying, “I would like to thank Shell Intilaaqah for the ongoing support they provide in support of Saudi youth. The workshop was an excellent start point and I look forward to the ongoing support from Shell Intilaaqah during my entrepreneurial journey.”

Commenting on the agreement, Prince Saud Bin Abdullah Bin Thunayan Al-Saud, Vice Chairman of KSSC, said, “Empowering women to become entrepreneurs is one of KSSC’s main objectives, and this can be achieved by signing this agreement with Shell Intilaaqah.”

Andrew Crowe, Country Chairman of Shell in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, praised KSSC’s mission and role in serving the community, adding, “The facilities and activities I have witnessed are a source of pride.” He also acknowledged the efforts of the KSSC staff, and reserved special praise for the work of Princess Al Jawhara bint Saud Al Thunayan Al-Saud, KSSC’s Female Division Manager.

Mohammed Abusaif, Programme Manager of Shell Intilaaqah KSA, said, “Our highly customised enterprise training and mentoring programme enables entrepreneurs to discover and develop their entrepreneurial talent, enabling them to overcome the challenges they face day to day in running their businesses.

“The vision for Shell Intilaaqah KSA is to be the leading not-for-profit SME training programme for young people.”

Underlining the impressive track record of Shell Intilaaqah KSA in nurturing and developing entrepreneurial talent in the Kingdom, Mohammed added, “In the eight years since its inception, Shell Intilaaqah KSA has delivered enterprise training to over 10,500 budding entrepreneurs who have created more than 1,350 start-ups, generating over 3,750 new jobs.”

King Salman Social Centre is dedicated to enhancing the social and physical well-being of Saudi citizens, including the economic empowerment of women.