Gwen Abiola-Oloke

Gwen Abiola-Oloke, Investment Director, GroFin West Africa, Nigeria

Gwen is an Investment Director and leads GroFin’s operations in West Africa.

GroFin is a development financier providing medium term risk capital and business support services to SMEs across Africa and the Middle East.

Prior to GroFin, Gwen has 23 years’ experience in financial services culminating as Country CEO of a Pan African bank. She has strong networks across West Africa with governments, private sector leaders and development finance institutions.

Gwen is passionate about SME development, financial inclusion, women entrepreneurship, and speaks on related topics at international events including the 3rd UN International conference on Finance for Development, AfDB, USAID, Euromoney, Annual Banking and Finance conferences.

She is a Collaborating Researcher for the UNRISD (United Nations Research Institute for Social Development) and co-authored publications on sustainable development, food security, climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Gwen is a member, advisory committee for consultative workshops on USAID Global Food Security Strategy (GFSS) for Nigeria.

She leads the gender lens investing initiative at GroFin, and holds a B.Sc Economics, M.Sc. Marketing and MBA.